10 Point Spring Home Check-up with HomeCrafters

10 Point Spring Home Check-up
Calgary Spring Checkup

10 Point Spring Home Check-up with HomeCrafters Home Inspection Services

Spring, the phrase on everyone's mind is "spring cleaning". 

Clear out the stagnant air that winter locked us in with and breathe new life, new air into our homes. Ah, the refreshing smells of spring!

We all want spotless, clear windows to let in that glorious spring sun, soak up that warmth!

Spring shouldn't only inspire us to clean but to check in and around our homes to see if winter has done any damage, or has threatened the well being of our property.

HomeCrafters has pulled a few things 'forgotten' things together to remind you of things to look for and look after while you're doing your spring cleaning and maintenance.

1. Professional Air Conditioning / Furnace cleaning of your system

2. While cleaning the gutters, do a visual examination of your roof for worn, curled or missing shingles

3. Check the attic - it is a good place to look for moisture staining or surface discolouration that may indicate a leak from the roof / shingles

4. Turn on the outside hose bibs from the basement shut off valves

5. Tune up the lawn mower - the green grass is coming!

6. Go on a "walk-about" - check that downspouts are leading water away from your house and taking the water at least 5 feet away from foundations

7. Examine your window/door flashings, seals and weather stripping for any cracking or breakage that may need resealing or caulking - be sure to check that the screens are in fit condition to keep critters out as you let the spring air in

8. Clean the kitchen exhaust hood and air filter

9. Clean the clothes dryer exhaust duct and damper as well as the space beneath your dryer

10. Clean the dust from Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors so they can perform their jobs without hindrance - don't forget to check the batteries!

Breathe deep, take in that wonderful air and enjoy the beauty of Spring!