5 Tips to a successful Home Inspection experience!

Realistic Expectations:

Get the most out of your home inspection experience with these simple tips!

  • Home inspections are designed to discover major problems with a home that could be very costly if you aren't aware of them.
  • Minor issues will be pointed out but are not the focus of the inspection.
  • A home inspection is completely visual, tools are used to try to look deeper but a home inspector is not allowed to move items, open walls or dig up the ground.

Home Inspection Components

Alberta Services Home Inspector
Alberta Services Home Inspector


  • Book an appointment when you can attend, it's important for you to be there. If you are unable to make it, have a relative or friend attend in your place.
  • A couple hours on-site - if you cannot make it for the entire inspection, try to ensure you make it for the end so the inspector can review the inspection with you and you can ask any questions you need to.
  • Seller's disclosure concerns - be sure to ask about any concerns the Seller discloses to you.
  • Certified Home Inspector:

  • Alberta home inspectors are required by law (2011) to be licensed by Alberta Services.
  • Not all home inspectors are what they say, do not be afraid to ask to see their license.
  • The ramifications of a non-licensed inspector are severe - they carry no insurance and are not bonded professionals.
  • home-inspection-professional
    Home Inspection Professional

    Alberta Services Licensed

    Trained Professionals:

  • Licensed Calgary home inspectors are trained professionals in home inspections and HomeCrafters' inspectors go one step further in providing you past years of experience as Red Seal Journeyman Carpenters, renovators and home builders.
  • Ask your home inspection professional questions you may have regarding renovation ideas, load bearing beams and safety concerns.
  • Follow up any recommendations given in your home inspection report. Remember, a professional is giving you the best options available to keep the home running efficiently.
  • Home Inspection Report:

  • Read your inspection report thoroughly! There will be a lot of information contained in the report and it can be overwhelming so take the time to read and understand it.
  • Safety/Repair recommendations are of the highest importance. When applicable, have a professional look further into the issue for the best possible outcome.
  • Minor/Maintenance Repair recommendations are to keep you informed of ongoing maintenance issues and items that have lacked the proper maintenance.
    Buying a house is a stressful adventure but one you can go calmly into with the right support!

    Home Inspection Report