Calgary Condominium Inspections are an increasing part of our
everyday business at HomeCrafters.

Calgary Condominium Inspections

This question is often asked...Do you inspect Condos?

The answer each time is, "Absolutely we do!"

Commercial Bays

Regardless the shape or size of your condo, HomeCrafters will
provide a thorough investigation of the property, even areas that
belong to the condominium board!

Please note that Condominium owned areas require permission to access.

"How do I prepare for my Calgary condominium inspections?"

Before your home inspector comes to do your inspection you may want to prepare beforehand to help the inspection go smoothly and also to get the most bang for your inspection buck.

Acquire and review the Strata documents to see where the reserve funds are being allocated to.  If, for example, the documents show there is a fund being reserved for Roofing repairs, you can have your home inspector look at the roof to see what state it is in.  This information will tell you if your new condo board is budgeting properly or if there may be a special assessment in your future.

Be sure to book access to both the maintenance room and the roof, if accessible.  Your Calgary home inspector can inspect these areas on your behalf even though they are owned by the board, it is still in your best interest to know if there are any safety or repair concerns.

Calgary Condo Inspections