Calgary Home Fall Preparation

Calgary Home Fall Preparation

Calgary Home Fall Preparation time is upon us.  It's time to take advantage of the moderate weather to ready your home for the coming Calgary winter and protect your investment with some very simple and basic tasks you can perform yourself!

Exterior First:


  1. While the weather still allows a safe trek up on your roof you should go up and look for any disrepair in the shingles and around the chimneys.
  2. Since you've put your ladder up, a quick emptying of the gutters is always advisable.  Clear out those fall leaves and debris that have gathered to ensure clear flow and drainage.  On your way down be sure to check the downspouts are not blocked and clean out any build up in the window wells.  This helps to ensure water drains and doesn't sit next to the house.

Windows & Doors

  1. Take a keen eye around the outside of the house looking at the windows, feel along with your fingers for any soft spots that may indicate rot or missing / broken caulking that would let water into the house.
  2. Look at the doors and ensure they are sealing properly, new weather stripping might be needed to keep out the wind and water that come with winter weather.

Shut Offs

  1. Drain and shut off all the outside taps to avoid freezing and bursting lines into the house.

Interior Next:

Windows & Doors

  1. Do a walk around the outside, interior walls looking at the windows and doors.  Double check they close and lock properly.  Doing this while the weather is still nice gives you the opportunity to fix any broken seals or jamming doors that don't close properly and let your home lose valuable heat in the winter.
  2. Replace summer screens and install the storm windows or doors.
  3. HomeCrafters Calgary Home Inspection services can also do a quick thermal infrared scan to check for vulnerable spots where the heat may be escaping around your windows and doors.


  1. Take your trusty ladder and pop your head up into the attic access.  You can easily spot defects to the roof by looking for any stains on the underside that may indicate missing tar paper or an improperly laid shingle.
  2. This is also a good time to check that all exhaust fans and ventilators are ducted to the exterior.  This will prevent any excess moisture building up in the attic.
  3. Check for any loose or missing insulation or if you need to re-level the insulation for more effective coverage.


  1. Have your furnace professionally serviced if it has not been done in the last couple of years.
  2. Change the poor forgotten dirty furnace filter so you are circulating cleaner air while shut in all winter.
  3. Clean the humidifier and give it the once over checking for any leaks.
  4. Having a professional do the duct cleaning is a good investment to ensure good, healthy airflow all year long.

Plumbing & Electrical

  1. Take a walk through your utility room checking the plumbing for leaks.
  2. Open the electrical panel and look for any blackening or corrosion build up at the connections.
  3. It is always wise to check these on a regular basis to avoid any leaking from water pipes, drain pipes and the water heater and to ensure you're in no danger of a fire starting at your electrical panel.


  1. Check and TEST all smoke detectors and CO detectors for proper operation.  As we begin to get ready to close up our homes against the cold, this is especially the time of year you need all safety devices in top working condition.

Simple Survival Kit

In the event of a power outage, it is always smart to have prepared some small provisions to help you wait it out and keep you safe should you find your home without power.

Gather together, in a small storage box that you can easily access in the event of a severe storm or power outage, some of the following items:

  1. Flashlights with a package of brand new batteries
  2. Heavy duty emergency candles with matches or a lighter
  3. Battery powered radio
  4. Bottled water
  5. Non perishable food items for a day or two
  6. Sleeping bags and or blankets
  7. Deck of cards, dice or a board game

Most of this list can be completed in a single day and will help you not only be more comfortable for the long winter months but can also go a long way in protecting your most valuable investment!