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Calgary inspection services is a complete visual inspection of the property including:

The Inspector also uses; Moisture Detectors; Carbon Monoxide
Samplers as well as, Thermal Imagining Cameras to view around
the house for heat loss, missing insulation and moisture.

The inspector takes digital images as well of any discrepancies he finds and our office staff puts those into your draft report to email, with the photos inserted, the next morning!

Your inspection report is computer generated at the end of the
inspection and printed immediately on-site for you. This is considered the DRAFT report.

Your final copy is sent electronically and will include all photos relevant to the discrepancies found during the inspection.

Click to download and save a copy of our SAMPLE REPORT (the file is very large but is viewable once you have saved to your computer)

Calgary Radon Testing


Radon Testing

Radon becoming more and more of a requirement in Canada according to Health Canada.

Radon is a naturally occuring radioactive gas that results from the decay of uranium found in trace amounts in soil, rock and water.

Radon gas builds up in your home, especially in winter when we have things shut tight.

In Canada there are more than 2000 Radon related deaths every year!

Thermal Imaging

See your home in a different light with Infrared imaging. These
cameras can scan and look for missing insulation, moisture in walls,
heat loss and even check your in-floor heating!

Infrared Thermal Imaging has become a standard in home
inspections today.  They are a valuable non-invasive tool that
reflects surface temperature making it appear like we can
see "through" walls.

The reflected temperature of moisture in a wall for example, will be colder than the surrounding (ambient) temperature of the drywall thus showing us a clearly visible pattern indicating something is wrong.

Infrared Thermal Imaging in Calgary

Ozone Odour Removal in Calgary

Ozone Shock Treatment

A permanent odour elimination process to rid you of those assaulting smells

Ozone is naturally produced in the air after a heavy lightning storm; we have all smelled its distinct scent, not unlike the crisp smell in the air after a lightning storm. Though Ozone is a guaranteed method of removing odours from your home, it bears knowing what product / service you are paying for. Ozone Shock Treatment is not an in-home air freshener.

The CraftersBlaster is a Corona charged, commercial use Ozone Generator, producing more volumes of Ozone at a time than any UV generator or air purifier can possibly manage.

The CraftersBlaster will saturate your home with Ozone so that
every possible crevice it can access is attacked, removing the
odour within your home. Some heavier odours may require longer
treatment or even two simultaneous treatments depending on the
severity and origin of the odour.

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