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Radon awareness is increasing all across Canada.  1 in 10 homes in Canada are at risk of high levels of Radon exposure.

Radon is Odourless and Colourless, you cannot See it, Smell it or Feel it!

We offer Calgary radon testing services for you to learn if your home is at risk for harmful levels of Radon that may need mitigation to avoid any further health risk.

Calgary Radon Testing

Source: Cancer View Digest

Radon awareness throughout Canada and the US is becoming much more prevalent.  This carcinogenic is the 2nd leading cause in lung cancer fatalities and is being compared to other substances in the carcinogen category such as: Asbestos, Formaldehyde and Benzene.

There are no areas of the country that are 'radon free'. The results of a Cross-Canada Survey of Radon Concentration in Homes study show that even for those provinces where the overall results indicate a lower incidence of homes with elevated radon levels, there were still areas of those provinces with high radon levels and a significant number of homes with radon concentrations above the

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Calgary Radon Testing