Infrared Thermal Imaging
Detect Leaks / Heat Loss - Missing Insulation - Moisture

Infrared Thermal Imaging can see differences in temperature between a problem area and its surroundings.  This difference is clearly shown on the image display.  We can pinpoint areas causing potentially costly problems in and around your home.

Winter is hard on houses in Calgary with the weather in constant flux, things change quickly.  Minimize your risk and protect your investment with an infrared thermal imaging scan.

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Infrared Thermal Imaging

Included with EVERY Full Home Inspection!

Calgary Infrared Certified
Infrared Thermal Imaging or Infrared (IR) Thermography is a non-contact method for detecting the difference in temperature between a problem area and its surroundings.

Depending on the underlying cause, the problem area may be warmer or colder than its surroundings. This temperature difference is clearly visible in the camera image display. A trained operator can immediately home in on the source of the problem and what is causing it without having to first tear into walls or disassemble equipment.

See your home in a different light! Are you worried about moisture damage in the home? Have an older home with electrical wiring that runs too hot? Check out FLIR's Thermal Simulator (An interactive camera demonstration you can try for yourself!) for things your home might be in danger of.

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