Ozone Odour Removal

Ozone Shock Treatment

is a process to permanently eliminate odours in your home!

Ozone Odour Removal is naturally produced in the air after a heavy lightning storm; we have all smelled its distinct scent, not unlike the crisp smell in the air after a lightning storm.  Though Ozone is a guaranteed method of removing odours from your home, it bears knowing what product / service you are paying for. Ozone Shock Treatment is not an in-home air freshener.

The CraftersBlaster is a Corona charged, commercial use Ozone Generator, producing more volumes of Ozone at a time than any UV generator or air purifier can possibly manage.

The CraftersBlaster will saturate your home with Ozone so that
every possible crevice it can access is attacked, removing the
odour within your home. Some heavier odours may require longer
treatment or even two simultaneous treatments depending on the
severity and origin of the odour. HomeCrafters will guarantee to
do the second treatment entirely FREE should the odour not be
removed from your home after the first treatment.

For more in-depth information on how Ozone Treatments work
please see: Ozone Solutions

Ozone Odour Removal Calgary
Ozone Odour Removal in Calgary to permanently eliminate odours in your home!