Rundown on Radon Gas in your home

Calgary Radon Gas
Calgary Radon Gas

Rundown on Radon Gas in your home

It's being talked about more and more everyday.  The growing awareness of this silent killer has people talking and wondering what it is and how real the threat is.

We will put in simple terms, what Radon is, where it comes from and how you can easily find out if your home is being threatened.

Every house has Radon exposure as it is a naturally forming gas that seeps in from uranium deposits beneath the soil and into our homes.

In Canada, our winters force us inside with closed windows and doors allowing Radon to accumulate and do life threatening damage.

Radon Effects
Radon Effects

Radon is radio active and causes Lung Cancer, in fact it is the 2nd Leading cause of Lung cancer!

Similar to Co2, Radon cannot be seen, smelled or tasted, but can be detected.

HomeCrafters can detect the levels of Radon in your home and determine for you if the levels are within Health Canada Safety Standards or if you are truly at risk of exposure.

Simple solutions can be implemented to dissipate Radon levels in your home and they don't have to be costly or invasive.

Opening windows as often as possible goes a long way in reducing Radon by letting it vent back outside.

Radon levels can drastically change from day to day; month to month depending on current weather and geographical location - it can even be vastly different between your house and your neighbours!

The only way to know is to test.

HomeCrafters Calgary Home Inspections can help, call us today!

Radon Testing Certified

Radon: a radioactive gas found naturally in the environment.

Cause: Produced by the decay of uranium in the earth.

Where: In all homes around the world.

Danger: In poorly ventilated and non mitigated homes, Radon gas levels can grow and pose serious health risks.

Danger: Radon is the 2nd leading cause of Lung Cancer

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Rundown on Radon Gas in your home
Calgary Radon Exposure